Dating someone who has had an abortion

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My heart broke for this couple who obviously truly loved one another.

She desired a marriage based on truth and love enough to place her trust in God by sharing her abortion experience.

After an agonizing day, spent crying on my couch with a few of my closest friends, I woke up the next morning feeling clarity, knowing that I was going to have an abortion.

While I cannot even put into words the anguish that came along with this choice (as my mother simply put it: “It’s a lot to give up”) it was, in the end, a pretty clear decision for me.

To love and not count the cost, knowing we are all sinners in need of his mercy.

On the flip side, I have seen many women and men joined in truth after the abortion was revealed.

I have watched them as they work through the issues.

Mostly, I have been blessed to watch them grow in the love of God.

‘If God Forgave You, So Can I’ Perhaps the simplest and most beautiful example was a recent call I received from one of the women in our Entering Canaan ministry.

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I have seen the beauty of spouses attending our retreats and spiritually adopting the aborted child as their own.

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